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4360 Pipe Leak Combo

4360 Pipe Leak Combo

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  • Rated #1 for residential/commercial pipe locating and slab leaks

    • Complete underground leak locating kit ideal for all levels, beginner to expert
    • Perfect for residential and commercial slab leaks
    • Preferred by experienced underground leak locating professionals for decades

    Leak Detector:

    • Solid aluminum construction housing contains circuitry, controls and meter: Weight 2.5lbs. Dimensions: 3" x 6" x 10"
    • "Easy to read sensitive meter that displays microphone response and indicates battery status"
    • "Wide-range controls to adjust amplifier gain, meter sensitivity and filter frequency "
    • Filter Range 20Hz - 500Hz on 'Lo', 20Hz - 3.5KHz on 'Hi
    • Bell is an optional accessory and may purchased separately.

    Pipe Locator:

    • Compact, portable, lightweight and ergonomically designed
    • Precise multi-position antenna ensures pin-point precision locating
    • Easy to use controls and crisp audio response make line locating and identification simple

2 Year Warranty