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Trap Master

Sewer Cameras Direct Trap Skid

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The Trap Skid will help you to negotiate a 4" trap and keep your camera centered throughout the process. Eight wheels mounted on the skid allow the camera to roll easily in 4” to 6” pipelines. It provides a protective housing that increases camera lifetime. This product does not include a push camera.

  • Front section mounts at the camera head.
  • Rear section mounts at the optimal spot along the camera head or spring/gooseneck.
  • Each section has four wheels to help guide the camera through the pipeline.
  • Each section also features four rocking SeamLeaper™ wings that lead the camera around traps and bends.
  • Compatible with any push camera up to 1.5” in diameter.
  • Helps negotiate traps and bends in 4” and 6” pipelines.